Thursday the 08th of Sep 2022 we received the news of Queens I’ll health and there were rumours of her demise as Prince Charles and other family members were called and were arriving at Balmore Castle in Scotland where she was spending her summer. By late afternoon it was not […]

Reading the title you guys must be thinking that it is something to do with the connecting of an electric power system with ground for safety or functional purposes and also if you Google it the translation of Earthing refers to contact with the earth’s surface electrons by walking barefoot […]

Dr. Abdus Salam [email protected] Education and Courses تلیم تے کورس In 1977 I was at KE Medical College Lahore. I was taking round in the Mayo Hospital ward. During some light talk with the patients a Babaji asked me, پتر تیری تلیم کتنی اے? I replied babaji you know that […]