June 14 The Day Reminds Importance of Donating Blood

June 14 The Day Reminds Importance of Donating Blood

Great are those people who donate blood without any greed to save the lives of others, On the other hand, this process of theirs helps to improve their own health. World Blood Donation Day is celebrated every year on June 14 worldwide, this day is celebrated on the instructions of the World Health Organization on the occasion of Karl Landsteiner’s birthday on June 14. Karl Landsteiner was the medical expert who first invented the blood group system, thanks to which blood is being transfused to the needy people in a safe manner till today.

The purpose of World Blood Donation Day is to highlight the importance of blood donation and to pay tribute to those who donate blood. Tens of millions of people around the world donate blood every year, but despite this, thousands of people die due to non-availability of blood on time. But unfortunately, awareness about blood donation is very low in our country, not only common people but also educated and healthy people shy away from donating blood. Instead of donating blood to their near and dear ones on their deathbeds, they are seen appealing for blood donations for them, even though they know very well that there are many benefits of donating blood.

In today’s era, it is necessary to highlight the fact on social electronic and print media that donating blood is not harmful to health in any way. According to medical experts, mental health is improved by donating blood. The risk of heart disease is reduced, the production of new blood cells increases, and the blood circulation improves۔ Donating blood reduces the chances of blood clotting, which greatly reduces the risk of arterial occlusion. This deficiency is fulfilled and the chances of early medical death due to diseases are reduced in such people. Cancer and heart attack and stroke diseases are reduced in people who donate blood. According to world health experts, there are no harms in donating blood. After donating blood, eating a balanced diet and consuming fruits promotes rapid growth of new cells, making the person feel healthier and fresher than before.

A healthy person above 17 years of age and up to 60 years of age can, through a safe process, transfuse blood of his own group or any other blood group to which his blood belongs to a patient who needs this blood. Once individuals donate blood, all their reservations are removed. People injured in road accidents, women during maternity, children suffering from thalassemia and many other complex diseases, the lives of all these patients depend on healthy blood. You can donate blood to any person. Service to humanity is a great act of worship.

I myself have donated blood many times in my life and there have been no adverse effects on health. So don’t be left behind in donating blood to needy patients.

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