The role of artificial intelligence in the future

The role of artificial intelligence in the future

Artificial intelligence will change human lives in the coming times in the same amazing way that a movie hero in science fiction performs incredible and mind-blowing feats. Our daily life has already progressed so much due to the advancement of science and technology that if a person from ancient times suddenly came to this world, he would not call it the world of humans but would definitely claim that“ This world is an enchanted place or an abode of giants!” Even our lives are changing so much, from our voice systems to industry and automated driving, that we will one day be forced to completely change our very definition of being human!

We try to evaluate the positive and negative aspects of life in today’s issues and how the near future will be changed by human-induced artificial intelligence in a surprising and surprising way.

The role of artificial intelligence in the future

In terms of the bright aspects of life, artificial intelligence is no less than a blessing and mercy of God that the accurate diagnosis of artificial intelligence will bring about a revolution in the field of hygiene and medicine through which the analysis of human genetics will be possible. Environment, treatment, digital therapy and lifestyle data will be covered, even to the point of producing “perfect babies” free of disease and vice, thereby promoting health and longevity in the individual and collective lives of human beings. The duration will increase.

With regard to land travel, it is predicted that by the year 2035, 70% of vehicles will run without human drivers, even bikes and cars equipped with artificial intelligence. In terms of intelligence and efficiency, it will so far outstrip real human intelligence that travel will be quite safe from accidents.

On the contrary, there are many negative effects of artificial intelligence regarding the dark side of life, so that there is a clear possibility of destruction of ethics through the unnecessary and inappropriate use of algorithms for “accountability” and “life privacy”. It will end, prejudice and hypocrisy will increase among people, buying and selling, trading, decision-making and the judicial system against crime will be destroyed.

Similarly, the further development and overuse of artificial intelligence will have a negative impact on the principles of employment and a flood of unemployment in the world, while the lack of discovery of new sources and increase in workforce will increase the concentration of wealth in the world. And due to the increase in jealousy and hatred, the problem of extremism and law and order will arise in the world.

In terms of good and evil in human life, these are the possible aspects of artificial intelligence about which the world should think from now to create a balance. Inflation is a deadly poison for the survival of life. We can enter a machine through artificial intelligence and land on the surface of a star millions, millions and billions of miles away in a few seconds, but when this hypothetical artificial intelligence completely surpasses our biological intelligence and consciousness. If we do, our life itself will be threatened. These are some of the potential questions we will face in the coming days about growing artificial intelligence. The safe and sustainable future of man is built on human values and compassion, philosophical dialogue and quality wisdom. It is our misfortune that we do not yet have a class to think about such questions and find reasonable answers or solutions.

The original article was written in Urdu by Mr. Joseph Ali for our Urdu section. Click here to read in Urdu.

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