There are two editions of Gazetteer of Attock District

  1. Gazetteer of Attock District 1907. Published by Civil and Military Gazette Press – 273 pages—-This edition is present on website of Digital Library of India (DLI)

2 . Gazetteer of the Attock District, 1930 published bySang-e-Meel Publications, – 326 page —This edition is available in market

Ø The following points are copied from gazetteer of Attock1907.

  1. Last two pages of gazetteer of Attock -1907 show “Plan of civil station of Campbellpore”

2- The planned city is 1000 into 1200 feet in area.( = 27 acre –Planned town had same area as that of Attock Stadium)

  1. Civil bazaar is built on plain land acquired by government and sold by auction to public for construction of buildings.P-273 gazetteer of Attock district 1907.
  2. It is surrounded by Pleader line, Hamam Rd ,Sarafa bazaar Rd and Sabzi mandi Rd. No building outside this road. Even the pleaders houses and private clinics are not included in original map.
  3. Rais Khana (near present Jamia Masjid) is in the map,
  4. There is a Sarai at north west corner (junction of pleader line & Hamam Road)…west of Rais Khana
  5. There is Pukka well at North East corner at the present site of Sabzimandi Tanki
  6. At South East corner (where Tola Ram building stands) there was a Tank.
  7. Stadium was labeled as Lieutenant Governor Camp. It measures 1000 into 1000 feet =25 acres. (Title of Lt Governor Punjab was changed to Governor in 1924)
  8. Civil surgeon grand house is near jail. Why? Because civil surgeon was in charge of jail till 1930
  9. Company Bagh is labeled as Public Garden
  10. In 1901 population of Campbellpur was 3000.
  11. Middle school for boys is at North-west corner of civil bazar in a hired building. There are 11 teachers and 256 students.
  12. In 1907 there were 65 primary schools and no High School in whole district
  13. Bosworth Smith 1904 the first DC constructed Campbellpur Haji Shah and Campbellpur Hattian Rd
  14. District board managed 3 kacha roads ,Hajishah –Pindsultani Rd,. Jand –Makhad Rd and Tarnul-Khshal garh Rd in 1907.
  15. Civil hospital of 36 beds was opened in 1907.
  16. Jail of 200 capacity was opened in 1907​​.

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