Treatment of various diseases through physiotherapy

Treatment of various diseases through physiotherapy

Written by Aman Awan

 • What is physiotherapy?

 Physiotherapy is a therapy that eases the movement of muscles by reducing pain through various physical techniques. Physiotherapy is used for bone, joint and muscle pain, inflammation, muscle spasm, weakness, problems in children and women and in old age.  It is popular for the rehabilitation of organs after diseases, injuries and operations, while physiotherapy is also used for the treatment of neurosurgery, lung, heart surgery and many neurological and mental diseases.  In this method of treatment, the use of drugs is minimal, according to experts, 95% of the treatment is done without drugs. In physical therapy, various methods of treatment without surgery, injections and drugs are tried, including exercise, therapy and other methods are included which are adopted according to the nature of the disease.

Treatment of various diseases through physiotherapy
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 • Some important benefits/importance of physiotherapy:

 Alleviation or reduction of pain e.g., back pain, treatment of joint pain (Musculo-skeletal). Surgery (possible avoidance of surgery), ease of walking

  Rehabilitation after stroke, paralysis (Bells/Facial palsy). Rehabilitation after sports injuries. Helps maintain balance and prevent falls (postural abnormalities). It helps in controlling diabetes and helps in vain diseases, prevents aging related problems, heart and lung diseases. For some patients suffering from respiratory disease, chest physiotherapy is recommended, as a result of which breathing becomes easier. Arthritis is a very painful disease; physiotherapy is also advised for the affected patients along with pain reliever medicine. Post-op rehab.

 Physiotherapy is a successful method of treatment for nervous weakness, numbness of hands and feet, mental retardation, or other similar ailments.  Physical therapy is also important in cardiac rehabilitation after heart surgery. Frozen shoulder, Sciatica

 Rehabilitation after cerebral palsy (CP children), Parkinson’s disease. Women’s issues (pre-and post-natal pregnancy care, Breast cancer care, osteoporosis management, women’s incontinence). Physiotherapy also plays an excellent role in the treatment of bladder weakness

  (Urine incontinence or leakage).

 Physiotherapy is a very important field.  It can be estimated from the fact that if there are 27 medical fields, physiotherapy is necessary in 24 of them. People around the world value the field of physiotherapy, but the situation in this field is not good in our country.  While people do not have effective awareness in this regard, nor do they believe that they can be cured by this method of treatment. Physiotherapy is very effective because the patient who cannot be cured by drugs and surgery, can be cured by physiotherapy. Disabled people have also been able to walk with physiotherapy.  It emphasizes fitness and exercise. People who want to stay fit should also consult a physiotherapist.


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