When the world will end

When the world will end

When the world will end, it won’t be the end of everything
We will find a new horizon, a world that we can bring
Our creativity, our strength, will guide us through the night
Together we’ll unite, to make a future that is bright

When the world will end, we’ll gather all our hopes and dreams
We’ll turn disaster into triumph, and chaos into peace
We’ll find new ways to live, to thrive without a doubt
And we’ll create a world that we can be proud about

We’ll build a world of kindness, a world of giving and care
Where everyone has a purpose, where everyone is there
With creativity, we’ll pave the way towards the light
And we’ll make the most of every day, every moment, every sight

We’ll embrace diversity, we’ll celebrate every race
And we’ll build a world that’s built on grace
We’ll work together as one, united in our cause
And we’ll find new ways to thrive, with hope as our applause

When the world will end, we’ll show our resilience and strength
We’ll adapt to every challenge, every moment, every bend
We’ll face the future with a smile, with wonder and with fire
And we’ll make this world a better place, where love and hope inspire

So don’t be afraid of endings, or what tomorrow may bring
For when the world will end, we’ll have the chance to ring
In a new era for our world, where everything is possible
And we’ll live our lives with fullness, with love and with devotionable

So let us stand together, and let us hold our heads up high
For when the world will end, we’ll have the chance to fly
Towards a future that’s bright, towards a future that we’ll make
And we’ll leave our mark on history, for every heart to take.


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