Govt. College Attock Old Boys’ Reunion 2021


Dr. Abdus Salam [email protected]

1–I received a call from my Matric Class fellow Niwaz Gheela on Eid-ul-Fitr May 2021. This call took me 50 years back to 1972 when we passed Matric. I was shocked to realize that I have not contacted most of the MBAV Middle school Attock, GH School Neela Chakwal & GC Attock class fellows since long.

2-Our FSc class fellow Javed HBL, with his inborn qualities, was the proper person to start with. I traced him through Hafiz Banaras –Tariq Nomani channel.  So Javed HBL became baby-sitter of this brain child. Information stated flowing in.  Daily our contact list grew. Javed sahib also connected me with my Middle school class fellows.

Govt. Collage Attock Old Boys’ Reunion 2021

3-Every newly rediscovered brother was provided with ever-growing telephone number list. My brother-in-law Dr. Ejaz provided number of Dr. Tufail and Usman Hazro.  Arif Jhang gave number of Akhtar Hazro. Amin Khattak was also very helpful in this hunting mission.

4-Zawar Naqvi Lahore was traced through MH Naqvi, Zulfiqar Naqvi (Brother of Zawar)—channel with a bit long persistent effort. Google was kind enough to link us with Dr Irshad Hakeem Peshawar. Raees Zada Bannu was contacted through Irshad.  Asif Jahangir Fateh Jang was rediscovered through my cousin Dr. Saqib Riaz PhD, Col. Dr. Bashir PhD (brother of Asif) route. So, it involved two PhDs to find the hidden treasure, the Asif Jahangir

5-When group grew strong enough, the baby-sitter crated WhatsApp group. So, the interaction became fast. An activity named 50 years in 50 words gave everybody a comprehensive idea about the way we class fellows spent the time since we departed in 1974.
6-MH Naqvi provided group photo of Biology Society 1974. Tariq Nomani Professor of Chemistry came with a rare gift. He shared photos of Chemistry Attendance Register of 1972; our first-year class. All this made recalling the old friends easy
According to Register our class started with 57 students. Six have passed away, May Allah bless them with eternal peace and highest place in Jannat. Other 22 couldn’t be traced / contacted. We were lucky to contact 29 old classmates after 50 years.

7–First Get-together 19 Nov 2021
               Serena Islamabad
-The group grew to 29 rediscovered members. This was the ripe time for Get Together. Tariq Saud Karachi invited all to the Reunion Lunch of Pre-Med 1972 GC Attock at Serena. We celebrated get together on 19th November 2021.The first of its kind. 19 class fellows attended the function;10 couldn’t come due to health issues. Commitments.
8-Tariq Saud was host / organizer of the event. Most of the friends reached the venue by 12:30. Tariq Saud came from Karachi.  Haroon from Bahawalpur and MH Naqvi from Lahore. Banaras Sahib came on wheelchair and Usman Hazro attended the event despite his vision problem. We had gupshup and at 13:30 offered Jumma prayer.

9-Lunch was at Nazzara Restaurant نظارہ. Tariq Saud made introductory remarks and thanked the friends for sparing time.
Wajahat Ashraf Qazi Sahib, our Biology teacher made a comprehensive speech. After speech of Majid Bhatti (the current principal of GC Attock) the lunch started. It was a unique combination of Roti-Shoti and Nazzara of the capital from restaurant at 6th floor of Serena.
After Roti we had informal interaction while sipping۔KARAK DRIVER…کڑ ک ڈرائیور   tea.
Tariq Saud gifted souvenir teacup to everyone present. The date of reunion was printed on it and it will keep us reminding this great occasion. I requested the friends.
“اس کپ کو ۔۔کارنس۔پر۔رکھیں۔۔اس میں چائے نہ پیئیں۔”

10- After group photo we said Asar prayer and parted with intention to meet again.
  Special thanks to Tariq Saud for hosting the event and all the participants for making it a success story.
     Nothing is possible without a Team Leader which we know, in this case, was our respected teacher Qazi Sahib……. Qazi Wajahat Ashraf
11-Major Dr Amin Khattak says about Get-together 2021
السلام علیکم۔۔آج کا دن پھر سے لوٹ کر نہیں آے گا۔ تقریباً 50 برس بعد ایک دوسرےکو گلے مل رہے تھے اکثر کو نہیں پہچان تھے۔ان 50 برسوں میں شکلیں کس قدر تبدیل ہو کر اب کیا کیا ہو چکی کہ حافظے میں نام تو محفوظ لیکن سامنے موجود کے پرنٹ میموری میں نہیں۔۔پہچان لینے کا کس قدر انہماک۔۔جب نام معلوم ہو جاتا تو زوردار نعرہ لگا کر سامنے والے کو بھر پور گلے لگاتے آج ان بوڑھے بچوں کو دیکھا
آج اپنے پروفیسر قاضی صاحب تو جیسے بہت خوش نظر آرھے تھے اس ماں کی طرح جس
اس کے پاس ایک ساتھ آے ہوں۔
طارق نعمانی ،عبدالسلام، حافظ بنارس، جاوید خٹک،جاوید اقبال سب ایک دوسرے کا حال پوچھ رہے تھے۔اختر ،امین،عطاءاللہ،شھزاد،جاوید مغل عارف ایک دوسرے کو اپنے واقعات سنا رہے تھے امجد ،ہارون،نعیم،عثمان شعیب نقوی ۔سب خوش گپیوں میں مصروف۔۔
آج واقع دل تو یہ چاہ رہا تھا کہ وقت تھم جائے اور یونہی سب بچے باتیں کریں اور سنیں۔
آج محروم وہ رھے جو کسی وجہ سے نہ آ سکے۔۔
ہم مشکور ہیں طارق سعود کے کہ انہی کی وجہ سے تو یہ ساری رونق تھی۔۔
پرنسپل ماجد اور شاہ نواز صاحبان کا شکریہ۔۔
اللہ تبارک و تعالٰی سب کو عافیت نصیب کرے


12- Amin Khattak expresses his views in Angrezi  more crisply.
Alhamdulillah! this Get Together attended by old boys will always be remembered, all were seen very much involved. In this era of materialism, the level of love and affection exhibited by the participants, is rather a rarity. The beauty of the occasion was that all looked gladly excited. They have been talking about those not present at the event. Tufail Khan, Irshad Hakeem, Rai’s Zada, Asif Jahangir, Idrees, Haji Fayyaz, Brig. Shahid Hassan, Qazi Rahid, Zawar though not there but were well remembered.
There came once again a wonderful suggestion from our respectable teacher n mentor Prof. Qazi sb about making a system to help needy brilliant students of parent institute.
The need is that such activity be continued my dears. Apart from formal GTG s, contact amongst the group members be there.
Stay blessed my dear fellows

13-The following attended Get-together


1.Prof Wajahat Ashraf Qazi
2.Majid Bhatti current GC Attock Principal
3.Bio Lab Assistant. Azhar Shah

We missed Chacha Azad Lab Naib Qasid from Mirza. Likely he was not well.
4. Malik Shah Nawaz Kamilpur Syedan  a  CB/FG Attock Public School friend of Tariq Saud
5.. Saleem Sahib . A hockey team member of college days


1. Abdus Salam Roll# 9
2.  Tariq NomaniRoll#1
3. Hafiz BanarasRoll#12
4. Ata Ullah                                   
5. Amin Khattak Roll#42
6.  Javed Iqbal Roll # 34
7. Javed  Mughal
8. M H Naqvi Roll # 259
9. .Amjad Aftab
10. Shezad Rehan
11. Javed Khattak Roll#29
12.  Shoaib Asghar
13.  Naeem Bangash
14. Tariq Saud
15. Arif Khan 105
16. Usman Hazro
17.  Akhtar Hazro
18. Mehmood Hazro 260
19. Haroon

1.Ayyaz nephew of Shoaib
2. Faizan son of Usman
3. Saad son of Hafiz Banaras khan
Following Old boys Missed the GTG and We Missed Them

1.Fayyaz  Cloth
2.Qazi Rashid Manzoor
3.Zawar Naqvi
4.Irshad Hakeem Roll#13….
5. Shahid Hasan Syed
6.Imtiaz Hazro
7.Raees Zada Bannu Roll # 31
8.Asif Jahangir Roll#11
9.Dr Tufail
10.Idrees Dar Hazro

14-Qazi Wajahat Ashraf Sahib commented on GTG

    Lovely comments by the ex-students every word of theirs reflects love, respect and sincerity for each other and their teachers. It was most memorable occasion to meet those young innocent children of yester years who have spent a successful time in different spheres of life. Presence of Usman and Hafiz Banaras in particular is appreciable who came and joined their friends in spite of health problems.                
    Please convey my sincere love and appreciation to all the participants who provided me the pleasure of meeting my beloved class. It was great occasion for me to see that my efforts and efforts of other Professors contributes positively in their success in life. May Allah protect and bless all my students. A special word of thanks to Tariq Saud whose made all this possible.

Chemistry Attendance Register
1973 maintained by Professor Ali Safdar Sahib..
Pre Medical Entry 1972
Professor Tariq Nomani Roll number one
Dr. Abdus Salam roll number 9
Professor Banaras roll number 12


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