Written: Sadia Waheed
(Assisstant Editor:Shaoor-o-Idraak Khan Pur)

٭ … Hafiz Muhammad Shafi Okadarvi (Mumtaz Alam-e-Din)
February 2, 1930. Hafiz Muhammad Shafi Okadarvi, a prominent religious scholar and politician of Ahl-e-Sunnat and Jamaat, who traveled to different countries to preach Islam and wrote several religious books. Hafiz Muhammad Shafi Okadarvi has been giving religious speeches every night for forty consecutive years. Muhammad Shafi Okadarvi’s intellectual ability, eloquence, eloquence and eloquence were very unique and dear to every heart. Every speech was attended by thousands, millions of people. On the night of Ashura in the month of Muharram, the largest religious gathering in the country was held at the speech of Maulana Hafiz Muhammad Shafi Okadarvi. There is hardly an area of Pakistan where Maulana Hafiz Muhammad Shafi Okadarvi has not made his heart and soul comfortable with his speech. Maulana Hafiz Muhammad Shafi Okadarvi visited the Middle East, the Gulf States, India, Palestine, South Africa, Mauritius and many other foreign countries to preach the religion and the profession. By 1980, 60,000 cassettes of Muhammad Shafi Okadarvi’s speeches had been sold in South Africa alone. The number of cassettes sold in other countries is not less and now video cassettes of speeches of Muhammad Shafi Okadarvi are also being spread. That same night, he suffered a third heart attack and was admitted to the National Institute of Cardiology. Three days later on Tuesday, 21 Rajab Al-Marjab 1404 AH, according to the morning of April 24, 1984, at the age of 55, after the Fajr Adhan, while reciting Durood and Salam, he met the real creator. On April 25, 1984, in Nishtar Park, Karachi After the noon prayers in Imamate, millions of people offered the funeral prayers of Hazrat Khatib of Pakistan.

  • … Hussnain (Famous Film Director)
    Famous Pakistani film director Hasnain passed away on February 2, 2003 in Lahore. Hasnain’s first film as a director was Naukar Te Malik which was released in 1982. After that he directed more than 50 films in which two teachers, Sajjan Dushman, Powerful, Enemy of Humanity, Heaven, Guardian of Homeland, Desire, Candle, Humanity, Earth Sky, Deals of Hearts, Babaji, and Dewar Bhabhi. , Slavery, honeymoon, one way, rajput, leader, we are one soul, sorceress, eyes, Gulfam, Naila, Aashiqui, Mehbooba, Hina, Anjuman, Chandi, Arousa, Vardi, Fereshta, Nahla Dehla, On Melo Sajnaan, Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi, Jamila, Golden Girl Are top notch Hasnain had won the Best Director Writer Award in 4 films, including her first film Servant and Owner, as well as Patriots, Desire and Humanity. Hasnain is comfortable in Lahore.
  • … Munawar Zarif (Famous Comedian)
    Famous Pakistani comedian Munawar Zarif was born on February 2, 1940 in Qila Gujar Singh, a densely populated area of Lahore. His elder brother Zarif was a well known comedian of his time. But he died on October 30, 1960, at a very young age (only 34 years old). After Zarif’s death, Munawar Zarif turned to the film world. As a comedian, he was first cast in the movie “Onche Mahal”, but before “Onche Mahal”, on June 14, 1961, another film of Munawar Zarif, “Dundian” was released and thus “Dundian”. Munawar Zarif’s first film was declared. Munawar Zarif was a very talented actor. He soon made his mark in the film world due to his unparalleled acting. As he watched, he became in need of Urdu and Punjabi films, which can be gauged from the fact that in his 15-year film career, he acted in 321 films. In other words, on an average, 21 of his films are released every year. Munawar Zarif’s first super hit film was “Hath Jodi” which was released on December 4, 1964. After that he did not look back and due to his worldly and unforgettable phrases in each of his films began to be recognized as the greatest comedian of Punjabi films. Gradually, films were written with his personality in mind. “Banarasi Thug, Jira Blade, Rangeela and Munawar Zarif, Servant Wohti Da, Khushiyan, Sheida Pistol, Chakrabaz, Miranan Pate Khan, Hukam Da Ghulam, Namak Haram, Bande Da Patar and Aaj Damhinwal”. Here are the names of some of them. His last film was Lahude Rishte which was released in 1980. Munawar Zarif also acted in several films with Rangeela. The words and phrases of these two actors are still in the minds of moviegoers. Munawar Zarif won the Special Writer Award for the first time in 1971 in the film “Ishq Deewana”. He later won the Nigar Award for Best Comedian in the films “Baharo Phol Bursao” and “Zeenat”. Munawar Zarif passed away on April 29, 1976. Bibi Pak Daman’s graveyard in Lahore is laid to rest.
  • … Arfa Karim (I.T Expert)
    February 2, 1995 Arfa Karim, the world’s youngest Pakistani Microsoft certified. The world’s youngest IT expert Arfa Karim was born on February 2, 1995 in Chak 4-JB, Ram Diwali, Faisalabad. He passed the Microsoft Certified Professional exam in 2004 at the age of 9 and became the youngest IT specialist in the world. After which Bill Gates, the owner of Microsoft company, called Arfa Karim exclusively to the United States and met him. He was awarded the Fatima Jinnah Gold Medal by Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz in 2005 and the Presidential Medal for Excellence and Salam Pakistan Youth Award in 2006 by President Pervez Musharraf. Arfa Karim was admitted to CMH Hospital, Lahore on December 22, 2011 after suffering from epilepsy. She remained in a coma for three weeks and passed away on the night of January 14, 2012.
  • … Shaukat Thanawi (Famous Comedian, Poet and Journalist)
    February 2, 1904 is the date of birth of renowned Pakistani comedian, poet and journalist Shaukat Thanawi. Mr. Shaukat Thanawi’s real name was Muhammad Omar and he was born in Bandraban, Mathura District. He stayed for a long time in Lucknow where he planted flags in the fields of humor, poetry and journalism. In 1930, his famous comic novel “Swadeshi Reel” was published in Nerang Khayal’s yearbook, after which he became one of the leading Urdu comedians. After the formation of Pakistan, Mr. Shaukat Thanawi moved to Pakistan and settled first in Karachi and then in Rawalpindi where he was appointed as the Editor of the daily Jang Rawalpindi. In the daily Jang, his column “Etc. Etc.” and “Under the Mountain” were very popular among the readers. In the writings of Mr. Shaukat Thanawi, Moj Tabassum, Bahr Tabassum, Dunyae Tabassum, Barak Tabassum, Selab Tabassum, Swadeshi Rail, Qayeda Bekada, Nilufar, Jod Tod, Sunni Sanai, Khudanakhasta, Barkhatir, his autobiography, Mabdolat and The collection of sketches includes Sheesh Mahal. Shaukat Thanawi died on May 4, 1963 in Lahore and was buried in the cemetery of Hazrat Mian Mir.
  • … Intezar Hussain (Novelist, Novelist and Critic)
    February 2, 2016 – Intezar Hussain was an Urdu novelist, novelist and critic. He wrote two books on a story and his past style. The French government awarded him the Officer of the Order of Arts and Letters in September 2014. Intezar Hussain passed away on February 2, 2016 at the age of 92 in a hospital in Lahore. Intezar Hussain was born on December 7, 1923 in Meerut. BA from Meerut College.After the formation of Pakistan, he settled in Lahore where after doing MA in Urdu from Punjab University, he became associated with the field of journalism. The first legendary collection, Gali Kocha, was published in 1953. The long-running column “Lahore Namah” in the daily Mashriq became very popular. He also wrote columns on the radio. He has a special place in fiction and novel writing.

  • ٭ … Mohammad Khalid Akhtar (Famous Writer)
    February 2, 2020 Famous Urdu writer Muhammad Khalid Akhtar was born on January 23, 1920 in Allahabad Tehsil Liaquatpur District Bahawalpur. Among his works, his novel Wisal in Chakiwara is at the top of the list, which was considered by Faiz Ahmed Faiz as the most important novel in Urdu due to its style. Other writings of Mohammad Khalid Akhtar include 2011, Lost Horizon, Makatab Khidr, Uncle Abdul Baqi, Lantern and other stories and names of Yatra. In 2001, he was awarded the International Urdu Award in Doha, Qatar. * Famous Urdu writer Muhammad Khalid Akhtar passed away on February 2, 2002 in Karachi. Mohammad Khalid Akhtar is laid to rest in the cemetery of PECH Society in Karachi.
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