Campbellpur / Kamilpur

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Campbellpur- Spelling variants & Pronunciation (1)

Modern name: Attock (1978)

Old name Variants:

Campbellpur / Campbellpore / Kamilpur

Old name pronunciation- P is silent in Campbell. Coming from

  a Scot – it is pronounced “Kam-Bul”

Not camp-bell or cam-bell.

Other example of Silent p are corps, pneumonia, coup, receipt, Camp

                An Urdu columnist from Attock district lamented that less educated people drop ,P, while saying Campbellpur.  (2)

He was not right.

Common people pronounced Campbellpur by dropping both B and P. Thus saying Camelpur .

I as a kid thought this place has something to do with camels. Learning that Camel Corps stationed at Campbellpur in the past made my belief stronger.

Sometimes people called it Kamilpur and it was clearly understood.   I was at KE Lahore and always wrote address as Kamilpur from 1975 to 1977.  The letters always reached my parents at Campbellpur.

Maulana Abdur Rehman was a teacher at Deoband Madrassa. He was from Hazro. He was famous as Maulana Abdur Rehman Kamilpuri. Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi remarked he is not Kamilpuri, rather he is Pura Kamil ( پورا کامل). Maulana Kamilpuri was father of Qari Saeed Ur Rehman Kashmir road Rawalpindi.


Kamalpur Syedan

It is not Campbellpur Syedan. It is  Kamalpur Syedan  (Zabar on Meem) both in local usage and also in official record.

   In fluency even L is dropped and it is called Kampur., کام پور.

        I lived in Kamalpur Syedan Giran (village) from 1972 to 1984. Some Kashmiri (like Miskeen and Saleem) and some Syeds ( like Sibte Hasan ,Talawat insurance company and Nizakat PTCL,Waqar Naqvi brother of Zaheer Naqvi Shaheed ) were my class-fellows in MC middle and Pilot School. Our English teacher from 6th to 8th was Akhtar Shah Sahib was also from Kamalpur Syedan.

        – Six -Kamilpurs

There are 6 Villages Named as Kamilpur are near Attock

1) Kamilpur Syedan

2) Kamilpur Hattar Haripur (Dewan Cement )

3) Kamilpur Musa

4) Kamilpur Aalam near Hazro

5) Kamilpur Mayan and

6) Kamilpur Sher Jang.. Tehsil Fateh Jang

I don’t know the background of this naming pattern. Can someone make us wise?


1- FIBI wiki

2-Ab Afaqa Hay, Roz Nama 92 ,

May 14 ,2019

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