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                The all-round personality of noted scholar, researcher, writer and poet, translator and insha pardaaz allama Syed Muhammad Farooq al-Qadri Rahmatullah does not need any introduction. Author, speaker, scholar, and wise man of more than forty books. A great symbol of knowledge and literature, education and knowledge and righteousness. Fakhar al-Qadri, the source of glory and dignity and jewel literature, Khatib Dil Nawaz, son Syed Saifuddin Shah Maghfoor al-Qadri ‘ Allama Syed Muhammad Farooq al-Qadri is undoubtedly a very good, trusted and proud personality for our region.


The first special corner of the art and personality of noted writer and translator Syed Muhammad Farooq al-Qadri has been published in issue 5 (January to March 2021) of the academic and literary magazine “Consciousness”. Which is certainly a great academic and literary effort for the scholars and literature, researchers and readers. The special go-shah includes the creations, memories and stories of fine writers from across Pakistan on all the subjects of syed muhammad farooq al-qadri’s dignified personality and learning.

Syed Muhammad Farooq-ul-Qadri’s great grandfather Syed Jaffar Shah who was a well known elder of Suhrawardiya dynasty. He was agreed to reside here by the Abbasi Raees family of Garhi Ikhtiar Khan.Mausoleum is still present in Garhi Ikhtiar Khan.Where he recited “Fusoos Al-Hakam” from Maulana Abdul Baqi Lucknow and during his seven year stay many Arab sheikhs learned from him and became known in Arabia as Sheikh Ahmed.

Maulana Shah Ahmad Raza Khan Barelvi, a well-known religious scholar of the subcontinent, had a close association with Madinah Munawara which later remained in the form of correspondence. Upon his return to Garhi Ikhtiar Khan, he used to worship and meditate in a desert about a furlong to the west of Syed Sardar Ahmad.He said,Later, when your octagonal shrine is a common place of creation, you once saw a fountain in a dream and at the same time the Prophet(PBUH)visited it and ordered the construction of a well in this place.Syed Muhammad Farooq-ul-Qadri built a building called Chashma Sharif and installed an electric cooler there.

Syed Sardar Ahmed died in 1350 AH. He was also a poet of Arabic,Persian,Urdu, Sindhi and Seraiki.In order to spread Islam and achieve the goal of establishing Pakistan,he formed a party called “Revival of Islam” and also published a newspaper under the name of “Jamaat”.Enjoy the companionship and support of Allama Iqbal Lutf-o-karam also got. a reflection of the history and evolution of Sufism and Tareeqah in Sindh.About fifteen of his books are unpublished. He died on April 12, 1970 and was buried beside his father.

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After the demise of Syed Maghfoor-ul-Qadri, the second Sajjada of Shahabad Sharif Monastery became his son Mohaqiq-ul-Asr Syed Muhammad Farooq Qadri and today this monastery has turned into a magnificent spiritual and intellectual center thanks to Syed Muhammad Farooq Qadri. Scholars and researchers from all over the world come here to quench their thirst for knowledge. At the same time, he obtained certificates of specialization in Arabic literature and excellent Persian.

After that he got Master Degree in Islamic Studies, Arabic and Urdu from Punjab University Lahore in 69-70 1968 and also got Gold Medal in Islamic Studies. Your teachers include Maulana Shamsul Haq Afghani, Maulana Ahmad Saeed Kazmi, Hafiz Faiz Ahmad Owaisi, Mufti Abdul Wahid, Maulana Zafar Ahmad Usmani, Siraj Al-Fiqh Siraj Ahmad Makhan Belvi, Maulana Abdul Rashid Nomani, Dr. Hafiz Ahmad Yar, Prof. Khalid Ali, Dr. Pir Muhammad Hassan and Allama Aladdin Siddiqui, former Vice Chancellor, Punjab University and other genius personalities.

After completing his education, he started teaching as a lecturer at Jinnah Memorial College, Lahore for some time in 1971. He established an institution called “Dar-ul-Ilm-ul-Ma’rifatah” which has a huge library in addition to accommodation in its beautiful building. Amritsar, Syed Ahmad Saeed Kazmi, Maulana Abdul Sattar Niazi, Maulana Shah Ahmad Noorani, Maulana Kausar Niazi remained close and correspondence.

Your nearly forty books and twenty articles and articles have been published. For the first time, you translated five volumes into Urdu. Some books of Syed Muhammad Farooq al-Qadri were also published from India. In addition, your thesis was made part of the curriculum by translating it from Urdu to Arabic in the great school of The World of Islam, Jamia al-Azhar (Egypt). Some of your works and translator books are detailed as follows:

1- Infas-ul-Aarfeen.Translation with Muqaddama.Published:1974, Lahore.

2-Translation and Research,Altaf Al-Quds,Subject,Reality of Man,Published 1975,Lahore.

3-Translation and Research,Muqaddma”Fatu ul Ghayaib”,by:Shiekh Abdul Qadir Jillani.

4- Fazil Barelvi and Ummor e Biddiat,Five Editions from Pakistan while the same book has also been published from India.

5-Translation of the book of Imam Abdullah Yafee”Khulat ul Mafakhir fi Manaqib Shiekh Abdul Qadir”.

6-Makatib Deoband and Bareilly Special Issues Review. Article for M.A in Islamic Studies, University of the Punjab, Lahore.

7-Tazkra Syed Mohammad Hassan Shah Jilani.Subject History and Biography.

8-Urdu translation and foreword by Jami-ul-Uloom. By Imam Fakhruddin Razi.

9-Silas Urdu translation. Kashf al-Mahboob Syed Ali Hajwary according to Samarkand version.

10-Urdu Translation and Research Text “Tahfta Mursala. Three books based on Sufism of Shah Waliullah Taat, Darseen and Maktoobat Madani’s Urdu translation and research case.

11-Conditions and relics of Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani.

12-Assl Massla Muashi Hy.(اصل مسئلہ معاشی ہے)

13-Islam Ka Taswore Milkiyat (اسلام کا تصورِ ملکیت)

14-A glimpse of the character of Maulana Abdul Hamid Badawi in Tehreek-e-Pakistan.

(تحریک پاکستان میں مولانا عبدالحامد بدایونی کیکردار کی ایک جھلک)

15-Hadya e Mursila,Translation Historical Topic.(ہدیہ مرسلہ۔ترجمہ و تحقیقی پیش لفظ)

16-Allama aur un k Sahabzadey Aftab Iqbal by:Begum Rasheda Aftab.

علامہ اقبال اور ان کے صاحبزادے آفتاب اقبال از بیگم رشیدہ آفتاب۔پیش لفظ))

Other cases, forewords and articles may not be mentioned in the short article.

Syed Muhammad Farooq Al-Qadri was married to the daughter of Sheikh IV Khanqah Alia Qadri Bharchondi Sharif Pir Abdul Rahim Shaheed. He had three sons: Are the inheritors of the thought and poverty.



2-Assal Massala Muaashi Hy.Syed M.Farooq-ul-Qadri.Progresive Books, Lahore, 2013.

3-Yadoon K Khawab,Syed Sibghatullah,Pakistan Shanasi Lahore۔

4-Bazm e Ahledil,Syed Sibghatullah,Progressive Books,Lahore 2017.

5-KhanPur Ka Adab,M.Yousuf Waheed,Al-Waheed Adby Academy,KhanPur 2021.



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