Pre-Medical Group GC Attock
Dr Abdus Salam [email protected]

Our class produced 11 doctors, 3 teachers, 3 bank officers, 2 CSS officers, One Textile Engineer, one Principal Scientific Officer and One Textile Mill owner cum diplomat. Four of our classmates joined army as medical doctor. Two retired as Brigadier, one as Lt. Col. and one as Major. Out of three going to teaching slots, two retired as Professor and one as Associate Professor. Among our doctor colleagues, four are FCPS, two MPH / MSc Administration and one DMRD.

GC Attock

This exceptional output from an unknown college was possible due to the dedicated faculty. Tuition was neither needed not encouraged. Professor Iqbal Sahib took extra classes as Zero period to cover the lengthy Physics course. Professor Wajahat Qazi Sahib knew the family background of students and monitored their activities even after the college hours. He sometimes reprimanded them by saying. Last night some boys were sitting in Regalia hotel. That’s not the proper place for my students.
My younger brother Nadeem Us Salam was his student in 1986. He performed bad in the exam and was scolded. Shame to you. Nadeem you are brother of Abdus Salam and this is your hopeless result. This bitter dose had the desired effect and he also became a doctor. Hats off to the great teachers 

Following is a brief description of a few classmates how they spent last 50 years since we departed after FSc,50 years in 50 words.

1-Roll No. 9. Abdus Salam graduated from KE in 1981 and joined army. Did FCPS in Radiology. Served at Sarai Alamgir, Kotli, Pindi, Abbottabad, Masroor, Rawalakot, Kharian, Murree and Sargodha. Retired from POF Hospital Wah in 2010 as Lt. Colonel. Working at Rawal Medical College Islamabad since then. Living at Askari14 Rawalpindi. Having four children and 3 grandchildren.

2-Roll No. 13.Dr. Irshad Hakeem MBBS, FCPS –Dermatologist Peshawar. He is from Swabi KPK. His father was in Railway. He is a graduate of Khyber Medical College Peshawar. He was first in the class to do FCPS Medicine. He did MCPS Dermatology and is a leading Dermatologist of KPK.

Irshad said in Aug 2021; Almost half a century ago I left Campbellpur. I have not visited the city since then. A wonderful place with wonderful people. I had some contact with Hafiz Banaras and Dr. Abdus Salam. A few years ago, Raees Zada visited my clinic and we shared some memories of our college days. I have lost mental pictures of the then young classmates. It would be very difficult, for me at least, to correlate the present with the past especially when hair has gone grey. Lately Dr. Abdus Salam rediscovered me. I would like to make it possible to remain in touch. 

GC Attock

In Nov 2021 Irshad came to Islamabad to see his brother Shaukat. In Fatima Jinnah Park he spotted Javed HBL and this meeting was a pleasant surprise for both. Irshad could not attend the get-together due to the illness of her mother. She passed away in Feb 2022.

3-Roll No. 17. Qazi Rashid Manzoor is from Gondal. He stayed at University of Bolton (UK) Textile Engineering from 1975 to 1980.   He served at Lawrencepur Textile Mills from 1981 to 1983. Then he served at ICI Pakistan Ltd from 1983 to 2015 (retired). He has one son & one daughter. Both are happily married and having children. Both are based in Canada. Son is HR specialist (Bachelor- University of Toronto & Masters Kings College London). Daughter is a practicing Lawyer, LLB (LUMS) & LLM (University of Michigan Ann Arbor). Qazi is Lahore based & his main activities are Netflix (movies) and Kindle (Books). He is an avid golfer & mostly found at Lahore Gymkhana golf course. He is deeply connected with his roots in Gondal. Often travels to Canada.

4-RollNo. 33. Usman is from Hazro. He Joined Lawrencepur woolen Mills outlet Islamabad as salesman after FSc. Did private BA and joined Military Accounts Attock in early 1980s. Here he was colleague of my father. Passed enrollment exam and started service as custom inspector in 1984.He served at different places including Pak China border. Usman was miraculously saved from 1989 Gilgit Air crash. His boarding card was taken back at Gilgit and handed over to another person who had to go to Rawalpindi in emergency. Usman left for Rawalpindi in bus with a heavy heart. At Chilas he noticed unusual activity and came to know about the air crash جسے اللہ رکھے۔۔۔۔۔اسے کون چکھے.

PIA Flight 404 Fokker F27 Friendship disappeared shortly after takeoff on 25 August 1989. At 07:36, a flight took off from Gilgit to Islamabad. Pilots of the aircraft made a routine radio call at 07:40; This was the last communication with the aircraft. The aircraft is thought to have crashed in the Himalayas, but the wreckage has never been found, Occupants were Passengers 49 plus Crew 5. Total 54.

Usman Grew beard in 2000 and performed Hajj. Retired as Superintendent Custom in 2017. He lost one eye due to Glaucoma in late 1990s & 2nd eye due to same disease in2019. Now Usman has same physique as that of 1974 with addition of graceful Beard. It is a pity to see that he can’t see us. May Allah help him…. Amen.

Amin Khattak adds, Usman can be described in one word ‘”gentleman” without exaggeration. Naqvi Sb used to say in hostel, if you want to relax then just talk to Usman for a while. After using second-hand Landa Trousers, for the first time I purchased a cut piece from Lawrencia Islamabad. That would have never happened if Usman had not been there. When this mission was accomplished successfully, Tufail Khan and me each bought a coat cut piece from Lawrencia. I still have that memorial suit with me.
Alhamdulillah Usman then travelled a lot pursuing various careers as narrated by Abdus Salam sahib. I talked to Usman on mobile a few days back n confirmed no change in his vocal cords. Allah SWT may watch over him.

5-Roll No.35. Associate Professor Raees Zada is from Bannu. He had a brother in army who was posted at Campbellpur in 1972-74. Razees Zada stayed with him in Saddar Bazar Attock during FSc. He did BA in 1976, MA Urdu in 1978 (Gomal University) & B.Ed. in 1982. Joined as Urdu lecturer in 1987 & was promoted to the post of Assistant Professor in 1998. He became Associate Professor in 2012 & retired in 2015. He grew beard in 2002 & performed Hajj in 2017. He is living in his village with 9 children and waiting for grandchildren.  His address is Waligai Musa Khel, Tehsil Domail, District Bannu.

6-Roll No. 41. Muhammad Akhtar is from Hazro. He graduated in 1980. He joined Pakistan Aeronautical Complex Kamra in 1981 retired in 2007. Then he went to America and worked as RSO, Manager Quality for different Aerospace companies. Also worked as Aerospace auditor for Asia, Europe and America for Primary Review Institute. Now living in Hazro in a palatial house, Ma Sha Allah.

7- Roll No. 42. Major Dr. Muhammad Amin khan Khattak is from Chhab.He was a boarder. He graduated from Rawalpindi Medical College in 1981 & joined Army. He passed FCPS Psychiatry & served everywhere in country. He retired in 2005 and stayed in Saudia 2011 to 2016. Since then, he is teaching in private Medical College Mirpur AK. He lives in Askari 14 Rawalpindi. He has 6 children & 6 grandchildren.

Amin Khattak tells about his learning Persian.
عبدالحکیم بریجنگ کیمپ کے میس میں پہنچا تو الماری میں  پرانی سی کتاب نظرآئی ۔ کتاب  سے جبلی پرھیز مزاج میں ھونے کے سبب ڈسٹ بن کے حوالے کرنے والے ھی تھے کہ ٹائٹل پہ نظر پڑی،غبار خاطر… یہ الفاظ جیسے  آ نکھوں کے راستے دماغ کے کسی متعلقہ علاقہ پہنچے۔۔تو جناب کتاب وہیں رکھ کر ارادہ کیا کہ کسی مناسب وقت پر اسے پڑھنے کا شرف بھی حاصل کیا جائے گا۔
مہینوں بعد جو ابو الکلام آزاد  کی اس تصنیف کی ورق گردانی کی باری آ ہی گئی تو سمجھنے میں متعدد مشکلات کی بناء پر حافظ شیرازی کے دیوان کے مطالعہ کا خیال آ یا تاکہ پہلے ،ایں خط است کہ غبار خاطر ما کے مطلب کو سمجھا جائے۔
عام امید تو یہ تھی کہ دیوان کا ملنا ہی محال ہو گا لیکن بدقسمتی سے سایڈ روم میٹ  نے دیوان حافظ بطور تحفہ عطا فرما دیا۔ھم نے اپنی غرض تک مذکورہ کتاب کا مطالعہ کرکے اپنے مقصد کے چند اشعار یاد بھی کیے۔غبار خاطر کو بھی کچھ سمجھ پائے۔

MH Naqvi describes the hostel days…
ایک دفعہ امین صاحب، کالج سے چھٹی کے وقت جب میں کھانے کے لئے میس جارہا تھا، تو میرا بازو پکڑ کر باہر لے گئے، میں پوچھتا رہا مگر وہ بتائے بغیر بس اڈے پر آئے پشاور کی بس میں بٹھا دیا،میں نے پوچھا خیریت ہے کیا قارون کا خزانہ ہتھے لگ گیا ہے بس یہی کہتے رہے ہمارے پیسے تمہارے پیسے بس چلو عیاشی کا ارادہ ہے خیر ہم پشاور پہنچے کھانا کھایا پھر فلم دیکھی رات گئے ٹرین سے واپس آئے اپنے “چور راستے” سے ہوسٹل میں داخل ہوئے اور سو گئے،  اگلے روز کالج جاتے ہوئے نوٹس بورڈ دیکھا جہاں وظیفہ کی قسط ملنے کا مژدہ ملا، پہلا بیالوجی کا پیریڈ کے بعد بھاگم بھاگ دفتر پہنچا تو پتہ چلا گزشتہ روز چھٹی سے پہلے امین صاحب میرا اور اپنا وظیفہ وصول کر کے لیجا چکے ہیں۔

Abdus Salam says.
Mom Doctor??
Time….. Medical college Admission
Paperwork 1974
Place….Old Hostel GC Attock
Background….There was a column in the admission form, stating Father or Mother Doctor??
Amin Khattak went into MURAQIBA  مرا قبہ …and after a long pause came with the answer.
I am definite that my father is not a doctor…..،امی نا ں  کج  آ کھ  ناں  اکناBut about Mom I am not sure.

Abdus Salam and Amin Khattak attended post graduation grading course together in 1986 and served together in CMH Abbottabad. Now we are living in the same neighborhood.

8-Roll No. 57. Naeem Bangash is from Malhu. He did BA from FC college Lahore and MSc (International Relations) from Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad. He Joined Foreign Service of Pakistan through CSS in 1982. He served as Third, Second, First Secretary and Counsellor at Pakistan Embassies in Spain, Yemen, USA and China. Served as Ambassador of Pakistan to the Philippines (2005-2009), and Saudi Arabia (2011-2014). As official nominee of the Government of Pakistan, contested and won election for the post of Assistant Secretary General OIC. Served a five year term as Assistant Secretary General OIC at Jeddah (2014-2019).

At the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, served as Section officer, Director (Afghanistan), DG(East Asia & Pacific), concurrently as Spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Additional Foreign Secretary (Europe),Additional Foreign Secretary (Americas) and Additional Foreign Secretary (Administration).Retired as Ambassador / Federal Secretary in BS-22 after putting in 37 years of service.

9-Roll No. 67.Amjad Aftab is from Sadar. His father was Hakeem Iqbal Sahib. Jameel Sahib of Attock Book Centre was his Mamu, ماموں. He joined BSc (botany, zoology) in the same college, but could not complete. Joined service in State bank Rawalpindi and served for two years. Passed BA exam in first division during this period. Then joined HBL as officer in 1979 & served for 2 years, in PAC Kamra branch. Our FSc classmate Tariq Javed Siddiqi (late) was his colleague there. Prepared for CSS during this period. Passed exam in 1980 and joined service after training in Postal group. Served about 36 years & reached up to grade 21. Retired in 2016 & now living with children & grand children at Lalazar Rawalpindi

10-Roll No..105. Muhammad Arif Khan is from Jhang Bahtar. He did BSc from GC Attock.  He got Master degree in Biological Sciences from Quid e Azam University in 1982 and Joined Pakistan Agriculture Research Council (PARC) Islamabad.  He served in Plant Genetic Resources Institute as Scientific Officer, Senior Scientific Officer and Principal Scientific Officer.  He explored whole country for collection of crop plant germplasm.  He got training in genetic resources from Tsukuba Japan in 1995 & retired in2018 from NARC Islamabad. He is living in native village Jhang Distt. Attock.

11-Roll No. 256. Tariq Saud is from Sadar His father Hakeem Akhtar was a leading practitioner. After graduation from GC Attock, he moved to Karachi to look after Textile Business of the family. It was related to spinning industry. He became the central executive member of APTMA (All Pakistan Textile Mills Association) in 1994. He successfully won the confidence of Textile industrial hierarchy and was elected as Chairman APTMA Sindh Baluchistan (2007 – 2011). Later on he was elected Central (All Pakistan) Vice Chairman for 3 years. Elected unopposed Central CHAIRMAN of APTMA Pakistan (2015 -16).

He was instrumental in setting up and reviving ” Nazaria E Pakistan Trust Sindh ” in 2002. Children of 3000 govt schools have been given Scholarships to A-1 grades of 9th and matric. Inmates of prisons have been educated to reduce their sentence in prison and make them better humans.

Nominated and selected as the Hon. Consul General of Romania Karachi – Sindh (2013) by the government of Romania and government of Pakistan till present. Serving and facilitating both the countries in promoting bilateral trade and opening new avenues of Defense cooperation.
Tariq Saud Recalls the Cantonment Public School Attock 1962- 72. Nostalgic and best days of life. Wearing worsted pants, blue sweaters, blue blazers and badge, black and yellow striped ties, shining black shoes, every morning we came to school, passing the Baradari with thick trees and manicured lawns, past the girl’s badminton courts, to the morning assembly, where waited the Principal Doctor Burq. Random inspections, of shoes and nails, we all feared the most. From KG-1 to Matriculation, the best days of our lives we spent at this prestigious school.
All our teachers, mostly the madams, we are so thankful to all of them for teaching us, and enduring us, for making us what we are today.

The sprawling grounds for cricket, hockey, football, baseball ground for girls, athletics, was where our love for these sports was born, evolved, took root, and became a lifelong part of our lives.

Thank you, all teachers, madam teachers, principals Doctor Burq, Mr. G.R. Aziz, and Sir Bhatti. Thank you for making us what we are today, the best we could become. Above all else you taught us right from wrong, and made us good human beings.

 I was the captain of the hockey team in my school along with that I was the captain of the cricket team too. I was awarded as a best athlete for annual sports day Alhamdo Lillah.  I was also a chief prefect of the school. Good amazing memories!

Remembering   GC Attock Tariq Saud says, Prof Mukhtar Awan DPE ,What a person he was.  I was very close to him. I was Captain of hockey team of the college. Under command of Awan sb we won Inter college tournament   and I received trophy at College convocation in our Hall.

Roll No.259. Dr. Muhammad Hussain Naqvi Roll No. 259 in FSc class, resident of room 23 Old Hostel—He is from Multan. Muhammad Hussain Naqvi got admission in GC Multan, from where he got migrated to GC Attock. Syed Abid Imam AKA Meer Sahib (Campbellpur) was his relative. He recommended GC Attock for quality education.  Naqvi stayed at hostel

He graduated from QMC Bahawalpur; He joined Health Dept. Punjab and was posted at various places in Punjab starting from Attock to Multan. Did MCPS in Anesthesiology & served as Anesthetist.  Did Masters in Public Health and joined administrative cadre. Retired in 2019 & living in Lahore.

Dr. Amin Khattak says. There was a time when Room 23 old hostel Attock College had a status of an academy. Ustaad Naqvi would deliver his wisdom. He had come from Bosan Road Multan. He used to write افسانے initially. Then started poetry as well. Whatever he said we being naive would perceive as precious material n dump  in our brains without modifications. In this way we learned a lot to our capacity.

We want to end the write-up at a lighter note.
At our farewell we were given funny punishments. Attaullah was reading the punishments.
On my turn he said Bain haath say naak pakrain
. بائیں ہاتھ سے کان۔ پکڑیں
I obeyed. Then he went on “Dain haath say Zore Ka Thhapar Munh Par lagain.۔
دائیں ہاتھ سے زور کا تھپڑ منھ پر لگائیں

I did so… But the target was face of Ata. His glasses flew in the air.

There was a big roar of clapping and laughter. 1974 and 1975 FSc classes still remember this incident.


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Two English Teachers- GC Attock, Recollections of 1972-74 Students
Two English Teachers-GC Attock, Recollections of 1972-74 Students

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