Layya (Maqbool Zaki Maqbool) The land of Layya , Bazm Hasani Literary Society. Under the auspices of Bazm e Shafqat, a literary session was held this evening with Hamraaz uchvi, a well-known teacher of Urdu and Seraiki. Leading Urdu and Seraiki poets of Layyah land participated in this meetingŪ” The […]

Maqbool Zaki Maqbool was born in 1977 in district of Bhakkar. He is author of two books “Sajada” and “Muntahay e Fikr”. In recognition of his literary services, he was awarded the Kar-e-Khair International Literary Award “Gold Medal” with cash and other gifts for his book “Mintaha-e-Fikr” at an International […]