Layya (Maqbool Zaki Maqbool) The land of Layya , Bazm Hasani Literary Society. Under the auspices of Bazm e Shafqat, a literary session was held this evening with Hamraaz uchvi, a well-known teacher of Urdu and Seraiki. Leading Urdu and Seraiki poets of Layyah land participated in this meetingŪ” The […]

Better is the person who reads the Qur’an and teaches others, Rafaqat Haqqani Next Friday, there will be a Friday sermon at one o’clock and Friday prayers at two o’clock, Mrs. Haqqani Girls should be introduced to the teachings of Qur’an and Sunnah on the methodology of Sufis: Tayyab Miladi […]

Attock (Dr. Shuja Awan) The COVID-19 Red Campaign Phase II has officially started in Attock. Teams of health department Punjab are going door to door to facilitate the public. A special walk and seminar was also organized in this regard. The event was attended by a large number of Health […]

Attock (Special Report) Recently a wonderful book fair was organized in Attock. Poet and educationist Mushtaq Aajiz, researcher Nusrat Bukhari, Punjabi poet Tahir Asir had played an important role in organizing this successful festival. President of Tehreek-e-Nifaz-e-Urdu Monis Raza , columnist Dr. Shuja Awan and superintendent of municipal committee Raja […]

Attock (Dr. Shuja Awan) A special campaign was launched against professional beggars in Attock. On the orders of Inspector General of Police Punjab and DPO Attock Rana Shoaib Mahmood. In this regard, students of Government Post Graduate College Attock organized an awareness walk in collaboration with Traffic Police Attock. The […]