Post Views: 584 Reading the title you guys must be thinking that it is something to do with the connecting of an electric power system with ground for safety or functional purposes and also if you Google it the translation of Earthing refers to contact with the earth’s surface electrons […]

Post Views: 1,922 The original article کالا چٹا پہاڑ was written by our honorable writer Mrs. Samana Zahra for our Urdu section, translation is being presented here. Aagha Jahangir Bukhari To the south of the northern plain is the Kala Chitta range, which extends east to “west.” The rocks of […]

Post Views: 648 Dr. Abdus Salam [email protected] DISEASES & TREATMENT 1.Rabbit ( ساہ)   blood  was  used  for treating asthma (ساہ).Brandy was thought useful for curing Pneumonia  . I recollect a Brandy bottle was kept by Khala Ji for this purpose. I don’t know how Pneumonia was diagnosed without Xray chest. The […]

Post Views: 585 Attock (Special Report) Dr. Shehryar Iqbal has been given additional charge of Deputy District Health Officer Tehsil Attock. With the special approval of Deputy Commissioner Attock, Medical Officer Asfandyar Bukhari District Headquarters Hospital Attock Dr. SheharYar Iqbal has been appointed as Deputy District Health Officer for Tehsil […]

Post Views: 599 Dr. Abdus Salam [email protected] BARBERS 1. Khadim and Karam Ellahi were barbers of Malhuwala.  Barber performed his job sitting on charpoy on one side and customer on the other. He provided home service to few respectable elders. 2.  Cooking meat   in functions was his responsibility 3.Circumcising was also […]

Post Views: 388 Attock (Special Report) Tariq Mahmood Appointed Chairman Standing Committee on Health FPCCI for the ninth consecutive time. His appointment was notified on the nomination of Chairman Coordination FPCCI Mirza Abdul Rehman. Tariq Mahmood is also the President of District Board of Management Punjab Vocational Training Council, Attock […]

Post Views: 545 Dr. Abdus Salam [email protected] POTTERS, ENGLISH KOOZAH and BLACKSMITHS 1. Noor Zaman, Ustaad Abdur Rehman and Allah Jewelia were the last generation of professional potters. They were expert in their job and won many competitions from their relatives of other villages. 2.The clay free from gravels was collected […]