Dr. Abdus Salam [email protected] DISEASES & TREATMENT 1.Rabbit ( ساہ)   blood  was  used  for treating asthma (ساہ).Brandy was thought useful for curing Pneumonia  . I recollect a Brandy bottle was kept by Khala Ji for this purpose. I don’t know how Pneumonia was diagnosed without Xray chest. The medical use of […]

Dr. Abdus Salam [email protected] BARBERS 1. Khadim and Karam Ellahi were barbers of Malhuwala.  Barber performed his job sitting on charpoy on one side and customer on the other. He provided home service to few respectable elders. 2.  Cooking meat   in functions was his responsibility 3.Circumcising was also his duty. Our […]

Dr. Abdus Salam [email protected] POTTERS, ENGLISH KOOZAH and BLACKSMITHS 1. Noor Zaman, Ustaad Abdur Rehman and Allah Jewelia were the last generation of professional potters. They were expert in their job and won many competitions from their relatives of other villages. 2.The clay free from gravels was collected from the far-flung […]

SELLING ANCESTRAL LAND Dr. Abdus Salam [email protected] شہر میں آ کر پڑھنے والے بھول گئےکس کی ماں نے کتنا زیور بیچا تھااسلم کولسری At a time, we 4 siblings were studying. Routine fee in TaaT (ٹاٹ) medium school was nominal.The Board Examination fee was a huge amount for our meagre […]